Vappu 2009

We Finns were really lucky (and super happy!) this year that the weather during Vappu celebration was sunny and nice! The parks were full of people having picnic and streets flooding with more people. We went for a family lunch and after that to see friends in Kaivopuisto, the party park. Later in the evening we went to see a sca-reggae-punk band, The Valkyrians, playing in a restaurant boat close to our home. We danced and then danced some more until it was time to go home and sleep before next day's work.

I totally forgot that I had a camera with me so here's just few pictures from yesterday, sorry!

This student cap is traditionally worn in Vappu and only after the "capping" of the Havis Amanda statue it can be put on.

People partying in Kaivopuisto area.

Kiira and me, friends since 1989 (or something like that)!

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