I was asked to participate in the first Yoga Empowers Project in Finland by Satu Tuomela and when I heard that it will be a charity event, I was excited to give one free class of hatha yoga this coming Sunday. I'm a bit nervous because it's my first bigger event with many people taking part and the whole happening will be also filmed to HimaJooga so there's some challenge for a person who's usually teached not more than 10 people in one sitting! But I know it's gonna be fun and it's always good to face your fears and do something new! I'll share some pics of the event later! Here's something about the Project by LuvMat:

LuvMat Founders and Yoga Alliance Certified Instructors, Scott Roberts and Emily Summersett created the Yoga Empowers Project as a medium to share yoga with the under-served through free, all-levels community classes. The project’s mission is to teach yoga in a way that is approachable and inspires participants to discover or re-discover what brings them the most joy, abundance and love in life.

NANNANDA HEARTS MILI - Perfect Imperfection

I'm arranging a discussion evening with lovely Mili Kaikkonen, "a born seer, intuitive counsellor, speaker and spiritual teacher" who'll be giving a speach about "Perfect Imperfection". What the content will be, we'll see next month, the 14th of December! I'll also give a short speach about the creative process of nannanda jewelries and the ideology behind the brand. I'll summarize the evening to you readers later! And please join the evening if you like my jewelries, more info here!

First pic via milikai.com, second by Mika Alatalo


During dark moon, sometimes called the new moon, collective power emerges so gather together with your friends and share you visions, ideas and inspirations. Or if you feel like turning inward to your self, meditate and feel the renewing energy of the Goddess, the Moon. Free yourself from the past and welcome the new times with Love.
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Happiness consists not of having, but of being; not of possessing, but of enjoying. It is a warm glow of the heart at peace with itself. A martyr at the stake may have happiness that a king on his throne might envy. Man is the creator of his own happiness. It is the aroma of life, lived in harmony with high ideals. For what a man has he may be dependent upon others; what he is rests with him alone.

David McKay

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Tomorrow Saturday is again the national Restaurant Day all over Finland when anyone can open a restaurant and serve food for people. "Restaurant day is a one-day carnival in favor of a free-spirited restaurant and food culture" announces the site. It's a fun day when you can explore the city and eat at guerilla restaurants all different kind of foods. Many my friends are organizing their own restaurants which is great! One will be held at the Gallery Ateljeejee, Kuuma Peruna Pop Up which sells hot potatoes with different kind of fillings, easy to eat and tasty for sure! The women behind the restaurant are Pilvi and her mother Päivi who will donate a part of every sold meal to youth's mental wellbeing. Big up hot ladies!

I'll be also at the gallery from 12-15 and will bring some new nannanda earrings with me so come and support a good cause and check out the new pieces! Here's some preview...


- you'll never get out alive.

Bugs Bunny


ei ole olemas valintoja väärii!


As it's getting darker each day, I'm reminding myself every day that somewhere the Sun IS shining. Rock it Rye Rye!


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... a friend's quote for the video, from whom I spotted it. People are i n s a n e - good! Have sometimes the courage to take a step into unknown.

I Believe I can Fly ( flight of the frenchies). Trailer from sebastien montaz-rosset on Vimeo.


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The Universe is calling - are you gonna answer? Remember to meditate today! If you haven't started yet, today is a good day to do it. Have fun and enjoy!




Support Ai Weiwei, support freedom.

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This is a MUST to watch, if I may say so. Whaaaatta! So beautiful!

Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.


I'm tryna learn somethin new
I'm tryna surround myself with people that inspire me
Or at least inquire similar desires

What am I getting out of this? A good feeling, inspirations, positiveness or what? Or do I just feel tired, exhausted and unmotivated afterwards? And no, I'm not talking about drinking but about relationships. Relationships can sometimes be tricky but rewarding if both sides have trust, respect and love towards each other - with these three things so many things can be worked out when conflicts come up. Also ones own responsibility is a important thing, being responsible for your own actions.

I've always loved to be with people and meet new and still DO but the main difference to my social life is that with whom and how I spend my main time nowadays. If before I was using my spare time off from work mainly running in different events and parties, socializing with people I didn't in the end really get to know better and also many times feeling a bit outsider, like I needed to prove myself somehow, now I'm

a) learning to take time for myself and
b) choosing to spend my time with people that inspire me somehow.

With this I mean that I don't feel shittier after talking, being with them. At least I used to have some people in my social circle who would too many times just take all my energy and I'd feel heavier, emptier and grey later. In the worst case scenario your "friends" not only taking your energies but your believe in yourself and make you doubt the things you can do and be. You know those who "take you back to the ground" - it's good to have those friends too especially for a person like me who's flying sometimes in totally different levels with my big ideas and dreams BUT it's different to crash somebody's inspirations and motivations, to pull them underground and even laugh straight to their face in front of other people. I'm sure you know the type.

And people who fill their time talking about other people. What's with the other and their doings and problems? Why are we so interested about everything outside from us when we should actually turn and look inside of ourselves. Sometimes it's good to look at other people and learn through/from them but to blah-zay-blah all the time about others, especially if it's your "friends" - I'd shut up and try to learn about myself first.

And it's not always about cutting everyone completely off from your life but to find your own "space", vibe, and stay in it when encountering these dementors occasionally. But when you have control of your time and energy, I've needed to ask myself many times where and to whom do I decide to give it. I share it with people who inspire me, give me the love and energy I need after a long day, support me even with my craziest ideas all though sometimes question them but in a loving way and in the end, if I fail, never give me the cold slap of "I told you so" but a warm, big hug. And I can always count on that. Sometimes it's people who you've known for years, sometimes only for a while but you can feel this seed of compassion in their heart that shines rather than sucks the living out of you.

Love and compassion. Find it in yourself and share it around but never let others take advantage of it or kill it. Not yourself, not your friends, your partner, your family. If the drink's not good, why are you taking the poison? Whoop de whoop, I want you to be your own Star!



The title is opposite to the funny video below. Watch it first and maybe you'll feel same way like i did, which was: a bit dizzy and overwhelmed.

Lips Of Babel - MOTILO from lessname on Vimeo.

That's how I feel sometimes after a whole day of being with people, talking either face to face or by phone and just generally living in the city. I'm a social person and love to meet new people, see my friends and family and be in contact with people - I'm a people person. For me the best way to learn about myself is through others. But! I need my own space, silence, to charge up my batteries every now and then. Sometimes only for one hour after a day at work or sometimes for a weekend at our summer cottage. If I don't take (was about to say "get" but actually it is my own choice so decided to go for "take" instead) my own time, just to be, I get easily irritated, absent minded and generally out of balance.

I was adviced by many people that I've been talking to since coming back from the trip to start doing regular meditation or yoga practice after waking up. It's been hard to change into another rhytme and rutine but I've been trying to do at least 10 min's meditation every morning and so far it has worked out well! I feel I'm much more "in myself", much more concentrated and focused than just waking up and rushing to the day. So, maybe you could try this short meditation too for a week and see how it works for you:

Find a clean, quiet spot at your appartment or out in the nature, where ever you feel like doing the meditation. Sit in a comfortable, steady position and close your eyes. Listen to your breathing, feel it in your body. Observe it, don't judge it or your thoughts and feelings. If you start to get lost in your thoughts, guide your consciousness back to your breathing.

Feel the inhale go up in your spine from the tail bone all the way to your neck and the top of your head. Exhale leads it down through your spine back to your sitting bones, to the tail bone. Feel the breathing flow up and down. When you've found your own rhytme of breathing, guide your breathing to your toes. Feel them. Go your whole body through like this from the tip of your toes to the top of your head, feeling each part and energizing them with your breath.

And remember to smile! You'll feel happier through the day when you give yourself a nice start for the day so remember to breath, smile and eat well, good nutritious food that looks and tastes good.

Have a nice weekend peeps! xxx


LULZ hahhahahah

CHECK IT OUT: Skating in lines



Here's some pics I promised to show from the opening party in the gallery Ateljeejee where you can now find some of my jewelries! I'm so happy about the positive feedback I've got from nannanda jewelries - I was also featured here, exciting! Never would have thought that from the pieces I made for myself would have become something other people wanna wear too. Life is mysterious, life is a bless!

Pics below by Ninni Suni.

Me wearing my jewelries.

Gallery owner Alexandra wearing single nannanda earing.

nannanda chain ring bracelet. Pics from here on by me.

nannanda earing and necklace.