Okay soooo where to start. Maybe from the last post which was made in summer 2012 after visiting France for a yoga retreat. You remember that one? Well, I kinda got busy after it and disappeared for a while from the blogsphere. My apologies for it! What happened was that I bought my mother's business, a yoga studio in Helsinki called Pihasali - Joogaa räjähtäneille and became an entrepreneur. Exciting! But very VERY busy times! I was painting and renewing the studio during the summer and in the end of August we opened the doors again for a new season. If I wasn't busy enough before that things got quite hectic once the season and my new life started.

And if having one company wasn't enough I also got busy with NANNANDA recycled jewelries. So that's what's up!

This year has been quite a ride and I feel it's just starting! So many adventures, projects and plans ahead but I will try to brief you with the past year bit by bit. This is the first post after a long break but Hanna's Nest hasn't been buried, it is not dead. Just a small silence when my energy has been elsewhere but slowly this too will find it's own place again in the puzzle of my life.

So hello world, I'm back! Who's there?


Picture by Joni Helminen