The day came when we had to leave Le Tardoun so me and mom head our way back to Paris.
The mantra's we've chanted in the retreat kept on playing in my head. Om shanti shanti shanti.




It was good to go to a half a day walk out in the beautiful nature which surrounded our yoga
retreat area. Here's some pics but they don't make justice to the incredible view we had finally
up in the mountain 1600 m high!



I was asked by Merja to participate in her interview series "Soul Searching and Self-Love Sunday", for people for whom creativity and self-care matters. I was excited first of all to hear that Merja has been reading my blog for some years now and to answer the interesting questions she had for me. It made me reflect on my own thoughts again and opened new ideas. Check the interview here and please ask if you readers have any further questions! Loving Wednesday!

Pic via weheartit.



Arriving to the retreat center you could just feel all the stress and stiffness flowing to
the ground, Mother Nature turning it into positive energy. 

Our yoga shala hidden behind the trees.

Janne our teacher and the group.

Hahahha I want a similar t-shirt! My thoughts on yoga too - yoga changed my life so that
sometimes I think how easy it would be just to not-think, not-feel, not-analyze. But when
you once start it, let yoga in your life, it never leaves. Luckily so! But it's not easy, nice
and fun every day, all the time. But under the dirt is a gem waiting to be discovered.

Jani the guinny pig. 

The course wasn't all about asana but also about pranayama, meditation and chanting.
The day's were scheduled very well and there was just enough of yoga but also
time for yourself, time to reflect, relax and enjoy.

We all have our own ways to relax. This is one!


Nice. Nice.

Emma's crazy cool necklace. Check out her yoga courses, Emma just has it! Just heard that
she graduated the Slow Yoga degree that is organized by our teacher Janne Kontala, whose course we were now going to in France.

Arriving to a near by village close to our last destination - Le Tardoun.



Mom and me decided to go to France to our Finnish yoga teacher's course. The course was
arranged in the mountains out from Nice but we wanted to see Paris too so the easiest was
to fly to and from Paris and travel with a train in between. So we set up for the adventure!

Paris was freezing when we first came and I was happy to find my IVANAhelsinki wool cape
just perfect for the weather. And yes, I am wearing shorts under it.


Meeting new people in the train and borrowing their travel guides. Trains are THE best
way to travel, if you ask me. You meet people, see the view changing, can just read and relax.
Eat. Sleep. Perfect!

Nice was sunny and beautiful. But we were hungry so our next destination was a nice little
restaurant - but where to?!

Maybe here? Actually around the corner we run across our fellow course members - what a
sweet coincidence! But after their not too positive review of the restaurant we continued on
our task for good food.

And just when I thought we won't find any, a guy walked over to me and asked if he can help
us and voilà! He showed us a nice Lebanese restaurant close to our hotel. It looked cozy
and just relaxed enough for us to feel like non tourists.

The 10 different mezes were amazing and staff friendly! Soooo good. If you like Lebanese
food and happen to go to Nice, try to locate Beyrouth. Easy, mid priced and delicious.