We got visited and written about by many blog writers, some even from Denmark yipee! If you wanna read or look more pics, click

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Here's our Danish visitors video made of The Restaurant Day - our cafe isn't unfortunatelly shown in the video but Cathrine's words are making us believe that the day was successfull:

"Mix a yoga studio, a girl that makes incredible tasty raw-food desserts and an upcoming local artist. Blend in sponsored furniture, dresses and plants. Stir and add friendly hosts, relaxed guests, a good atmosphere and pretty signs. Turn up the heat, take off your shoes and enjoy the dim lightning – Then you have the perfect pop up restaurant. Visiting this place made you wish it was open every day."

Picture from Tomoland.dk

TOMO at Restaurant Day in Helsinki from box1948 on Vimeo.


Our raw food cafe organized in the yoga studio Pihasali owned by my mom and soon by me was a huge success - more than 400 hundred people participated! Crazy and so so happy! There were at least four different cakes and three different kind of small treats and they all went! Maybe ten small bites were left for us to eat the next day but all in all, at least over 400 hundred people got to taste our delicious raw food delicatesses! All the recipes were by our raw chef Jutta Ruonansuu and you can find the recipes (in Finnish) from here - if I get asked to translate the recipes to English, I will do that! Or then use google translate but it might give you funny answers... not funny when you're hungry!

A big BIG thank you to

FitnessFirst who immediatelly believed in our idea and supported the happening with their super foods! You can find the ingredients used in the cakes from their site, check it out! Some collaboration has been talked about so maybe you can later buy a package of all the ingredients needed for you favorite Fake Cake...!

Plantagen who helped us to make the space green and wild with their plants
Ivana Helsinki for our gorgeous clothing from the next SS 2012 collection Indian Summer and the interiors
Kaksitvå for the wild beanbags
FTN Futon Shop for their comfy couple's corner sofa seat

And of course most of all to our team member who made the day possible with us, love you all!

Here's pics from the event by Timo Utterström:

Art took over Pihasali when Virve Laakso shoved her colourful paintings in Fake Cake.

Me, Jutta and Virve here so happy about the amount of people supporting us!

Me wearing my own jewelry, nannanda.

Our raw food chef Jutta Ruonansuu wearing nannanda jewelry too, looking so pretty!

Katja from Moments blog smiling wide with nannanda earrings.

Virve the artist updating our cake situation in Facebook, quickly quickly come and eat!

Plants from Plantagen gave a green touch to our yoga studio, Spring is close!



It's going to be GOOOOOOOOD! FAKE CAKE raw food cafe here - hope to see you there too!

Raw fresh ingredients.

Delicious carrots for the cakes!

Virve, Joonas and Jutta - the mad hat cake makers

Raisins and nuts

Preparings at Pihasali - this room is still a secret!

Smaller studio room in Pihasali got new face with Plantagen's plants and some interiors.

Chaga-liquorise-cinnamon-ginger tea for tomorrow to keep us warm!



Finland is going to vote for the next president this Sunday and it's been interesting to follow the wave of support that Pekka Haavisto has gotten from "ordinary people" to celebrities. I'm so happy and excited to see that these kind of guerilla marketing, action in the streets, is happening in Finland too! Very good and beautiful idea!

This weekend will be full of excitement! First our FAKE CAKE raw food cafe for the Restaurant Day and then  the elections on Sunday. Today Jutta started with some small treats and tomorrow we will put our hands on cakes! All the preparations, like soaking the dried fruits and nuts, have been done today so we can start, put full non-heat on and start making the cakes! Raw girl power!