Finland is going to vote for the next president this Sunday and it's been interesting to follow the wave of support that Pekka Haavisto has gotten from "ordinary people" to celebrities. I'm so happy and excited to see that these kind of guerilla marketing, action in the streets, is happening in Finland too! Very good and beautiful idea!

This weekend will be full of excitement! First our FAKE CAKE raw food cafe for the Restaurant Day and then  the elections on Sunday. Today Jutta started with some small treats and tomorrow we will put our hands on cakes! All the preparations, like soaking the dried fruits and nuts, have been done today so we can start, put full non-heat on and start making the cakes! Raw girl power!


  1. Anonymous6/2/12

    Hyi helevetti, onneksi suurin osa kansasta sentään on fiksuja, hurrit kun on lännessä

    1. Vaikea kommentoida tähän, kun en oikein tavoita, mitä tarkoitat! Mutta ainakaan noille värikkäille ruuille ei voi sanoa hyi helevetti vaan helevetin hyvää!