My storage got robbed one day before Christmas - GREAT! Naturally I was super happy to notice that half of my property was gone and especially the winter wear like my mom's old felt boots which I loved. From all of the stuff I was most sad about them. Especially now it makes my days a bit difficult when I'd need them for walking my dog out in the freeking freeeeeeezing weather brrrrr!

I couldn't get sleep last night so I slept untill 10 am, made a late breakfast of porridge, went out for a walk to vote for the next Mr. President and then turned into working mode and took care of some preparings for the Restaurant Day. Now we have the main ingredients for the cakes, the super foods - yei! Soon it's gonna be some serious raw food cooking - without heat of course! Tomorrow is a new day of action. To be continued!

Super porridge made of spelt, ginger, berries and maca - yammi!

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