Picnic After Work

Whuh! Today was a super busy day at work and I was starving after finishing at the shop. I met with Mr. R. and we had a romantic Hesburger picnic at Tokoinranta. The weather was be-au-tiful!

Silk dress, IVANAhelsinki. Leather jacket and bag, H&M. Scarf, my mom's old. Shoes, Acne.

I want to go sip some wine in this boat some beautiful summer evening. I hope they have some live music there too!


  1. I want to visit that boat too! Oh, did you know it's called the Flying Dutch? Now we know who has to come with us :) See you tonight darling!

  2. Hah, meki käytiin eilen illalla romanttisella Hesepiknikillä puistossa (laitoin oikein mekon päälle!), oli niin nälkä kun tultiin Turusta ja mitä muuta sitä vois Turku-viikonlopun jälkeen syödä?! :D