This Shoes Are Made for Me

Yesterday I went to school 8 o'clock and spent there eight hours studying - whoh! Then saw a friend in Arabianranta and visited the MOA09 exhibition. I really liked it and recommend anyone to go and visit! Evening I just continued studying because today I had an exam in Swedish language. Maybe slept four hours and now feeling so tired...

I'll post later some pictures from the exhibition but here's some of the perfect shoes and cool carrot pants that I found today from Zara. A gift for myself for the exam which went well (I think)!

Pictures: H.R.


  1. Gorgeous shoes. What a fabulous treat!

  2. Thanks for the comment! Have to award yourself sometimes, don't you think? And beautiful shoes are the best for that purpose!

  3. kisssy4/9/10

    super nice:)like..like..