Kallio Kukkii Festival

Today was sunny and nice day so we went to see a 100 meter long graffiti wall in Suvilahti. Yesteday a team of graffiti artist opened the 100th anniversary celebrations at the historic energy production area. The wall is an experiment and will be open for public untill begin of September. Any graffiti artist can go and leave their mark on the wall. If the experiment successes a permanent graffiti wall will be opened in the area for the summer 2010. So let's make this thing work and paint only ON the walls, okay? Good!

Pictures via Flickr by massproduction and Jon1.

After seeing the wall we went to a nearby park to Kallio Kukkii Festival. We had a picnic with friends and listen to the bands, including Plutonium 74 and Reino and the Rhinos. I danced and had a lot of fun! Every Sunday should be like this!

I'm wearing: lace skirt, Indiska. Denim shirt, Gina Tricot. Leather jacket, H&M. Scarf, old. Bag, IVANAhelsinki. Shoes, Converse. Jewellery, old and new.

Beautiful Brit.

Mikko, Virve and Mervi enjoying DELISHhh festival food.

Brilliant Plutonium 74 showing how to make people dance.

Dance even if you can't!

Reino and the Rhinos, we like!

Pictures: me and H.R.

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