Pics from MOA09

My battery ran out in the middle of the day so unfortunatelly I don't have pictures to show you from all the beautiful work made by the Masters of Arts of Helsinki University of Art and Design. But here's some pieces, check them out:

Cute bird pillows from the Pattern Bakery collection by Salla Kangasniemi. I love the karelian, slavic pattern style!

Forest of the Little Red Riding Hood by Sanna Laakkonen. Walking through the small labyrinth inside this transparent box felt like going to a dream. You could choose two ways to take, either the sunny or the scary route. I didn't even realise when I had already taken the sunny way. Of course! I really liked the idea of this work.

FloweRing by Kompet Panasupon.
A pretty and delicate plant pot for artificial flowers. This would look great in some modern offices.

Three Portraits by Raisa Kilpeläinen. In the picture you can't see the third portrait because this is when my camera's battery went down and didn't have time for another shot. I LOVED this one. The photographs combined with live performance was great! When we went to see this work the lovely "lady" to the right served me with some tea in a old porcelain cup to enjoy while getting to know the exhibition. Perfect!

In the first pic you can see small notebooks where people could leave messages for the designers. Nice idea!

I'll go see the exhibition with another friend later so I'll take some more pictures then to show you! But if you can, go and see the exhibition yourself!

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