Naisia Kaupungilla

Yesterday a friend called that there were people needed to assistant in some Finnish tv-serie and asked us if we could go. Both had a free day so we decided to go thinking that we'd just be chillin' somewhere in the background. Well it turned out that they liked Mr. R to be more in the picture so he got some speech lines. Mr R. who usually doesn't even want to be photographed! Haha! Well it all went fine and was cool. Thanks V., we had fun!

The scene will be in a serie called "Naisia Kaupungilla".

The filming took place in Jenny Woo, a bar in Helsinki.

Lunch afterwards and then...

... a visit to Hakaniemi Market, Hakaniemen tori.


  1. Paulita9/5/09

    That's the best scarf ever, I have it too!!

  2. .. Ja senkin filmitähdet!

  3. Can't never have enough of scarfs!

    Ja Hugo on se filmitähti, mä vaan käppäilin taustalla!

  4. Anonymous31/1/10

    Ihan loistava ohjelma tuo Naisia Kaupungilla!

  5. Katsoin osan ekaa jaksoa ja vaikutti ihan hauskalta!