Almost Done!

Only one more report to do and then I'm done for this semester! Next year only couple courses to take and then should graduate - finally!

Pictures: H.R. (spot him from the background..!)

Oh yeah, and here's the bangs. Sorry for looking so messy but these reports are taking its toll... The flower behind the ear I got from my sweetie.

I'm not sure should I cut the bangs a bit thicker or leave it like this, a bit light and careless. What do you think? I'm not sure. But I like it thou!


  1. I like it a lot!! Keep it like that, lighter for the summer!

  2. First I was thinking what it is that is different about you. Then I noticed the bangs but was like no, she must've had them before, I'd insult her by asking about them! So thanks for solving it before it got too puzzled thinking about your hair ;)

  3. Cool, thanks Milli! And then if I want, I can cut more later.

    Pau, maybe you remembered the old picture of me where I have bangs? I've had many times before, last time about two years ago :)