Studies have shown that pets have a positive effect on people's emotions - being a dog owner I'm not surprised at all. During my divorce and some kind of depression period followed by it, my dog Onni (Happiness/Bliss) was one of my heroes, a fur coated White Knight. On those days when I didn't feel at all like getting up from the bed or leaving home, Onni was there to pull me up and get me on my feet. That time I felt like he was taking me out for a walk, not vice versa. And when I felt so so alone, like there was no one else on this Earth, I could always tickle and play with Onni and his genuine joy would trasfer to me. For a while I forgot all my sorrows and actually smiled and laughed. It was like a miracle! Nowadays I go jogging with him as much as possible because we both enjoy it - I will be always greatful to Onni for keeping my mind together. Free treats for the rest of his life hoooorayy!

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