nannanda - empower yourself, love life.

nannanda jewelries are unique, handmade pieces made mainly from recycled materials found from random places. Old coins fallen from indian dancers' clothing, broken belt parts abandoned in floors, parts found from old flea markets, animal bones found from Siberia's forrests - everywhere is the next treasure waiting to be discovered. Every piece is created out of intuition guided by planet Venus, the force of creativity, beauty and love. The root for the name "Ananda" is a sanskrit word meaning "bliss". As such Ananda's meaning can be said to be "great joy" or "great happiness".

nannanda is about feeling strong and beautiful, reflecting experiences and emotions, a way of living. Most of all it is about love - love yourself, love life.

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nannanda bracelets seen at KAKSITVÅ's F/W 2011 show's backstage.                    


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