Manboy - How It Hurts from Teemu Niukkanen on Vimeo.

The title of the song above was very fitting for the beginning of my week which started with a good old friend of mine, Migraine. For three days I was in constant pain, in milder headache to a strong, head pounding, brain killing inner explosion which wouldn't take a hike even with the proper triangle marked pills - three days torture! And on the last day of the migraine attack I was beeing photo shooted for an article about migraines - how theme convenient! I'll share the storie with you guys later when the issue is out...

Now I'm feeling better again but the Brain Hell stopped me again to ask myself: what can I learn from this Pain? What is it trying to tell me? To quote Kahlil Gibran, "Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding". I'm so thankful about my migraines these days because I know it's my body trying to message me something, it's the alarm system going on when I'm not listening to myself enough. Luckily I have this sensitivity to keep me grounded, connected to myself because otherwise I'd have pushed myself already too far and to an early grave - menthaly and/or physically.

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