There's some new dope Finnish rap artists hitting the scene and one of them is definatelly Noah Kin. I saw him first time in 6linja, Helsinki and couldn't believe my eyes! He has such a stage charisma, the kind of I haven't seen for a while - you will be amazed by his self-confidense which won't be confused with arrogance. Noah seems like he's in his living room at the stage, confident and present having a conversation with you. You won't be just watching him rapping but feel like you're part of the whole experience. The songs tell a story of this 17 year old in a funny realistic way with a dash of self-irony, words knitting from one to another into a perfect flow. I'll share later a clip from the gig in 6linja, it was a good night!

Noah will be performing in Helsinki 1st of October at the launch party of Diamond Supply Co. at Cali so if you have a chance, go check him out! I'll definatelly will!

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