I stumbled across this picture and couldn't stop watching it. Tears started to work their way out from my eyes and when the first drop fell I realised that today 23.8 is the day I got married some years ago. And earlier this year got divorced. Today is also the day when I'm able honestly to say thank You and goodbye. Thank You for everything, for the good and the bad, because otherwise I wouldn't have realised and done all the things I have so far. I would still be walking in mist, stumbling in my mistakes and searching you from the wrong direction. But I know that we needed to experience it all in our path of emotional and spiritual growth. I'm sorry also. For the things I did, didn't do, said or didn't say. I did my best with the strength, knowledge, abilities that I had at that time. Maybe now I would do differently but there's no time machine, no Back to the Future car or flying carpets and this is now the reality We live in. Or You and I because there's no we anymore, the story of We has closed its last chapter and can now be stored in the Shelf of Memories with the rest.

I hope all the best for You. And that we never meet again.


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