O-Ou We're in Trouble!

Yesterday evening it was partying in Hundpark, a goodbye party for KAKSITVÅ designers who will sell their clothes in Helsinki10 in the future. The place was packed with people but it didn't stop us having a dancefloor in the middle of the shop!

Piia has some moves!

Marjo and Piia, the designers of KAKSITVÅ.

Pretty girls, Nini and Sarah.

Guys played church bells. Ding dong!

Later me and Sarah went to eat pizza in Big Mama's. I asked jalapeno in my pizza, to which the guy was "It is rrrreally hot.." and me "Good, I want it hot".

But damn, the pizza really was RRReally hot! But I won't complain because after eating, my flu was gone (would want to say for good, but at least for that night) - hurray! Teşekkür pizza guy, it was delicious!

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