Hello Belgium!

This article about Helsinki and its design destinations was published in some Belgium magazine a while ago. The picture was taken last summer when I still had long hair. I'm not sure if I like this shorter hair more or not. What do you think - should I keep it shorter or let it grow again?


  1. Paula20/4/09

    Let it grow! I love the long hair!

  2. Anonymous20/4/09

    I agree. ;-)

  3. Isn't it always the problem: short or long? When it's long I'm dreaming about cute short hair and now when it's short, I miss my long hair so much.. dammit! :D

  4. Heidi22/4/09

    Hi Hanna! (so I'm going to comment in English, 'cause your blog kind of requires that I do so :))
    Thanks for hinting in Facebook - the blog is adorable and I'm definitely going to follow this. Also the Belgium thing is awesome and your picture is very pretty.
    Haven't stopped by at Ivana yet to check out the tiger leggings, 'cause I've been so busy at work and so exhausted that I've headed straight home nearly every day. And because of tiredness I have managed to fuck up my daily routine: I'm napping after work and then I'm awake at nights (like just now). Vicious circle.
    Hopefully see you soon! Much love.

  5. Hi Heidi! And thanks!

    Don't worry - the leggings are still there so you come when you have time! And girl, you're working too much. Should take it a bit more easy so you won't exchaust yourself!

    Hope too see you soon!