Frozen and Burning

I could kill for an ice cream now - or actually for sorbet, I'm not that big fan of ice cream. My throat is burning hot! Mr R. is out with friends and it's boring here at home. I wish my head wouldn't feel like a heavy bowling ball, argh!

Picture: sarahkaye.com


  1. Now this is what I always thought strange about you, I mean like TOTALLY wierd, you don't like ice-cream! No one does not like ice-cream. So I guess you guys won't join us this weekend for a tötterö in senaatintori stairs?

  2. Kiira24/4/09

    Hanna <3

    Aivan ihan söpö blogi sulla!! Toivottavasti Vappuna nähdään Oden botskilla :)

    Pikaisia paranemisia!

  3. Milli: well everyone has their weird things, mine is ice cream dislike :D or not dislike but I'm not a big FAN of it.. but we can go for a sorbet hey! I'll call you later!

    Kiira: Kiitos! Nähdään varmasti - pitkästä aikaa! Ollaan yhteyksissä!<3