I've been working since I was 16 years old - first at my dad's company and later in different small, local companies, mainly in design and fashion. When I think back, I remember knowing already then that someday I would be a entrepreneur. I didn't know in what, what would be my business but just knowing that someday in the future I'd have my own company and be my own boss. Some years ago the idea really started to take form when I got into yoga. I found my Path in something I never thought would be it - I've never been that "sporty" and to think that my future job would have to do with body and movement, it was just crazy! I've always liked to move and tried different sports but never found my "thing". But yoga - it was something else. The body-mind-soul-world connection fascinated me and for me yoga is about that, not only physical tool but a way to live. Slowly I noticed that as my body started to change, got stronger and more balanced, it all kind of turned inside and started to change my thinking, my way of seeing life and most of all, seeing myself. "I" as in the "real me" got stronger and more balanced and started to have bigger role in my life as Ego started to loose its power. It was really an eye-opener that had a huge impact in my life, from divorce to the point where I am now: not in fashion business anymore as I thought I'd be but in health.

When my yoga teacher mom asked me for the first time to give her yoga lesson, because she had to go somewhere, I was very resistant to the idea. How could I do that, teach somebody? I knew nothing! I was only a student, not ready to tell anyone else what to do! But you know mothers so there I was, class soon starting and me shaking, gasping breath and hands sweating. I had practiced what to say almost from word to word, planning the whole lesson. But then something happened when the class started. How I would describe the experience is that some energy kicked in and suddenly I was the teacher. I wasn't as nervous as before and when one of the pupils asked me something, I could hear myself answering. It was like hearing and looking myself from distance but still being just there, in the core of everything, in the Flow. This was it. This was That Something I had been looking for for soooooo long!

So here I am now. In the beginning of this month I bought my mothers business, a yoga school in Helsinki and starting a new stage of my life as a entrepreneur. I believe that if you really believe in something and want it with pure heart, it's bound to happen one day, one way or another. I got really lost in the way here but suddenly found my Path again and now knowing what I don't want, I know a bit better which way to go forward. What I've learner during these couple strange years is that never think blindly that "I can't do that", "That's not my thing" or ""I know what I want". You can do and be so much that maybe you don't really understand it yet! And sometimes you don't know what you want - it might be your Mind or Ego that makes you want or do things that don't actually follow your Soul plan. It's the box which we've ourselves build around us that limits us from doing or saying things that we would want but are too afraid to. Get out from the box, be bigger than you ever thought you could be and start living the life you really deserve! Gandhi already said it: be the change you wanna see. Don't be afraid of risks - life is a risk but also a beautiful adventure if you are up for it! Life always finds its ways.

Also to the end I wanna say something about teaching. I had misunderstood the concept of being a teacher, that you should know everything to be able to teach others: If you know something that can benefit others too, have a positive impact in their life, you should always share it out of love and compassion. Never "teach" something you don't know and act like you do - share what you've learned from your own experience but don't think that's the Truth, the only way. Share what you know now and here and be open to changes, updating your information and sometimes admitting that "I don't know". But I will find out.


  1. That's awesome! I'm dreaming of opening up my own business as well, but there are still so many ifs that need to get ironed out. One thing I know for sure is that I wasn't meant to be working for someone else doing something that is not my passion. It's great to see other young women taking the step and pursuing their dreams. Good luck with everything!

  2. Thanks for your comment and positive words! I recommend of doing a mind map of where you are now and where you want to be in two years. Just draw/write/paint words and images of the things you want in your life - it usually comes from knowing what you DON'T want :) I found a map made 2-3 years ago and was astonished to realize that many of those things have happened or are happening at the moment! Maybe not in the same name/form as I intended back then but still, are taking one form or another. Believe in yourself and in your dreams and everything's possible! Good luck with your business and everything Katz! Hope you keep on reading my blog and commenting :) All the best! x