Earlier in the MADARA Inspiration Challenge post I mentioned about a study I'd read about perfymes and fragrance patents that actually allow companies to add more chemicals to the products which they don't mention in the list of substances. It stayed bothering me, what was the report I'd read couple years back? Finally I found the research "Not so sexy - The health risks of secret chemicals in fragrance" which summary and the full report you can find here. I recommend everyone to read it! It has very interesting and revealing insights to the fragrance industry, what the common chemicals usually contain and what they might be doing to us.

Nowadays I'm only using ecological and eco-certified products because even a bottle says "Natural", "Unscented", "Fragrance-free", it might still contain some very nasty hormone disrupting chemicals that can have effect on development and fertility, both in women and men. "Most fragrances don't list phthalates on the label, but hide them under the term, "fragrance."".

So read the ingredient labels and remember - less is more.

Not so happy about Clinique's nine secret chemicals not mentioned in the label.

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