Saturday started with a half-day yoga course with Meri Mort at Pihasali yoga studio.

Before that a bit of tuning into the mood with a short guided meditation.

We had fun - sweaty but fun!
Short rain cleared the air - from outside to within us. It was a good day.
Pictures 1&3 via weheartit.


  1. Absolutely love your blog, love your creations and yor attitude. :) So much positive energy, beauty and wishdom. Thank you! And we have met once. :P

  2. Thanks for commenting and your kind words! It's so nice to hear that what I do, write or share here also inspires, encourages you readers or just gets to a good mood. That's what this is for: sharing positiveness - there's too much of negativeness in our lives so this blog has been a forum for me to share things I like, adore or get inspired about. Double fun if you and others get the same energies too! And I think I know you too, come and say hi if you happen to see me next time! :)