Phuh my body can truly feel the, hmm let's say, 20 hours of yoga that I've made in four days...! The past weekend I had a intensive yoga course and then in the beginning of the week my mom got sick and I held her yoga classes. Quite nice start after two weeks of break since I was also in strong flu and before that had fallen so badly in the icy streets that any sports didn't come to question. But now I feel the yoga did only good for my body and mind and I'll try to do it more regularly. If you've never tried yoga before, you should! Start from hatha yoga, that's my tip. Yoga saved my life, literally!

Peace and love babes.

Denim jacket with teddy linen (?) found from UFF - my relatively new love for the Spring! Knitted cardigan, dress, bag and the plywood bracelet from IVANAhelsinki.

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