I've forgotten to share one of my new favorite street artist's with you dear readers - his work is something you should definatelly check out! Parisian photographer and street artist JR's aim is most seemingly to give human face to the most impoverished areas of the world, from slums of Kenya to Rio's favelas. His huge pictures of faces give a important message, at least to me: we live here, we excist and can see you even thou you don't want to see us. This world doesn't belong only to those whom made it in their lives, have a high oppucation, nice little house, designer clothes and a brand new car. According to some statistics at least 80 % of humanity lives on less that 10 $ a day and UNICEF research's show that 25 000 children die each day due to poverty. There's something to think about. And from thoughts to acts!

JR's work seen in Rio (pictures from woostercollective.com)

From rooftops of slums in Kenya.

Check out also this really touching video. So amazing!

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