About two years ago I finished my Bachelor degree in businesses and took off for a 4 months trip around the east part of the world. When I came back to Finland my mom suggested that I would take over her company, a yoga studio in Helsinki called Pihasali - Joogaa räjähtäneille. It wasn't even 12 hours from landing back to my home country but there I was, hearing myself answering "yes" to her question. My mind was going "What on earth are you thinking!? Are you crazy, lady?!" but the answer came from somewhere else, from the heart. So the next thing was to find out how to proceed with this project and one year later, summer 2012 I became the happy owner of our small yoga studio and joined the entrepreneurs colourful group! Here's some pics from our reopening and a video. Please have a look and hopefully you get the same feeling which we all had in the party, very happy and grateful.

More pictures of the party in our Facebook group. Pictures and video by Joni Helminen (except two last ones).

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