I want firstly appologize for my absence. It's been HELL of a year behind and I just haven't had the energy which I wanted to put into the blog. I want to share all the inspiration, thoughts and life views that I have with you readers, but now it's time for me to take a break. A break from my "ordinary life", from Helsinki, from Finland, from everything familiar.

I leaving for a 3,5 months trip all the way to New Zealand tomorrow starting from Helsinki to Moscow with train. Then continuing from there through Russia and Siberia, Mongolia all the way to China. From China we move around all the way down to Bali and in the end to Australia and New Zealand. I hope to post news and pictures from the trip whenever I can but no promises can be made. The world is calling for me and I have to answer its whispering!

I'm leaving far to see closer. I will come back as a new person. Or actually, as the real me. Lots of love and positive thoughts,


This song has been playing in my mind for a while now. It's my farewell song, a song of life in its all beauty!

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