We were first supposed to go just through Novosibirsk and continue with a bus to Tomsk but in the end were forced to spend a night in the city - which was a good thing! I could immediatelly feel that there was something different in the city, in the air, in the people's eyes. It was Sibir, Siberia! People here say that Siberia is Siberia, not Russia which might just be true. The atmosphere is so much different than in the previous cities: people smile more, are friendlier and more open. I've loved every moment in Siberia... wait to see the pictures from where we're now!

Novosibirsk offered us a interesting place to stay overnight - in the train station's hotel! It costed 1600 rb, 40 eur, for two persons in a clean, simple room. I recommend anyone with good sleeping skills to do the same if ever visiting Novosibirsk for couple of days!

Pictures: 2 - 5, 17-22, 26, 28, 29 by me, others Janna.

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