Sometimes the worst that could happen to you turns around to be the best gift ever. It could be a relationship gone wrong, a sickness, an accident, anything. First it feels like a carpet has been pulled away under your feet or a cold slap in the face. You feel abandoned, alone and like there's no justice in the world - WHY ME!?

After the different phases of shock, denial, despair, anger etc. something happens. You find a whole new side to life. You knew it excisted and kinda appreciated it but afterwards thought, never really really understood it. All the things you took for granted, have to be valuated again and put in a priority order.

For me it happened when my health failed and I had to evaluate my whole lifestyle. All the things I thought were important for my happiness, came crashing down and the really important things were found again. And I'm still on the search for them but at least now I feel like I'm in the right track! I know now that everything what has happened to me so far, has happened for a reason - how can I know what is sunshine if I haven't seen the night? I needed to stay in the darkness so that I would start missing the sun and appreciate it more than ever!

After a guinny pig type of experience, I'm now feeling so much better than before and appreciate life more than ever. The experience which seemed (and felt!) horrible at first has turned around to be one of the best things ever happened to me - I've aquired more knowledge about myself, migraine and it's treatments chemically and naturally and have just found a new path in my life. It's taken me to interesting courses, places and hobbies where I've had the chance to meet wonderful new people to share our thoughts, experiences, knowledge and caring.

So why me? I would say that because I never really saw what a gift life is. It needed to be taken away for a while just to make me appreciate it in a whole new level. And I do now, every day that I wake up without a brain exploding migraine is a gift for me. Viva la vida!


  1. Anonymous27/1/11

    love love love this and agree with everything you said!
    your really lovely sweetie, thumbs up for that!
    im coming over to finland during the summer :)
    so ill make sure to see you then.
    all my love


  2. hi beauty! hope everything's good back in sweden! definatelly let me know when you'll be here so we can continue our talks from last time :)

    and love your blog, thumbs up for that!

    joy and happiness