!!! 2011 !!!

Hi readers and happy New Year 2011!

Just wanted to say quickly HI and that I haven't forgotten you or abandoned the blog - it's just been temporarily quite busy and I haven't had that much time to sit in front of the computer but soon I will catch up with you better. Lots of new good things happening this year which I'm very excited about - more news later! Hope you're all good and had a wonderful start of the new year!

Peace and love

PS. What do birds represent to you? For me they are a symbol of freedom, fragileness, courage, dreams and beauty. Free your soul, believe in your dreams - never give up!


  1. Anonymous13/1/11

    Hey Hanna :) this is Natalie! Just wanted to say i LOVE these photo's! Idea for another tattoo perhaps? Oh, and my blog is called nataliebaxter.tumblr.com
    Check it out, your pictures from today are up! x

  2. Hi sweetie! And thanks for the pictures, so nice! And you know what, you surely were my "lucky charm" today because after our breakfast I got two more orders for the ring bracelet - so happy about it! See you soon again, hugs!x