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Zach Genin
Life shows itself in all different colours. Sometimes it might seem only black and white but if we truly look, we'll find all the shades of all the colours hidden even in the tiniest things. Some people are so absolute with their opinions that it is almost impossible to talk with them from different angles and perspectives. I have my opinions but I don't think I know the truth or believe that there is only ONE truth. We should try to see the both sides of the coin because how we experience life, is unique and quite one-sided and unless we try to understand the others, we might get trapped in a lonely island. Try to learn from the others, have empathy and understanding, show love and respect, even when facing hatred, and enjoy every day like it was your last - because it just might be. Nobody guaranteed tomorrow and yesterday is already gone so what do you have? Today and this moment!

Smile and go enjoy your day!


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