I'm now posting some old pics from last months as I haven't had time (nor energy) to do it before. I've been just enjoying the summer in Helsinki, travelled a bit, to Italy and different happenings and cities in Finland, spent time with friends and got to know lots of new lovely people, worked and taken part in different projects etc etc. It's been definatelly the best summer of my life!

2010 has been a real roller coaster of feelings - it's been hard, crazy and sad after taken the decision to divorce but with time my life has taken a new turn to many positive and good things and I couldn't be more happier now. We are responsible for our own happiness and have to listen to the inner voice which is guiding us, if we just learn and accept to hear it. In the end, even after all the tears and cries, life is beautiful and we should enjoy it - every day of our lives because you never know if it's your last one.

I can't even tell how much i love my friends and family. You mean a world to me, big love!

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