Yesteday I read an article about men getting bigger and bigger boobs, "man boobs". And that the man-boob-surgery figures have gone high with 80 percent in couple of years. First my reaction was damn, even the men's boobs are growing without even wanting so! Why aren't mine, life's so unfair! Then i thought that maybe they could give their extra to me, why to just through the good stuff away. You know, demand meets supply - they have it, I need it. But just when my thoughts were getting even crazier I got an invitation to join a group in Facebook, "Tell her she's beautiful", and all my wild thoughts disappeared. I love myself as I am and so should you. Don't let anyone take you down.

You are beautiful as you are, girl! Respect yourself and remember to tell that too to your friends, mother and all the beautiful people out there. Peace!

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