Recently I took a new tattoo to my left rib cage and can tell that what an experience buah! After two hours I was quite ready to finish and luckily at that very same moment my beautiful and very talented tattooer Iris Lys announced that she was ready with the masterpiece - thanks jahman, I don't think I could have taken any longer! But I'm so happy about the end result, I'll share some pics later on when the tattoo is completely healed. It's made with the same style as the one before by Linda Luau but with a bit more colour.

Thanks Iris and Linda, you girls rock! And I'll be seeing you again, soon... Visit their website, Luau Tattoo, to check out some of their works.


  1. Anonymous23/2/10

    Hansu!!! Hulluu! ;) t:Kiira

  2. Hahaa, ei sattunu! Puss <3

  3. Anonymous24/2/10

    Aijai! Toinen iso jo! Vautsi sopii sulle varmasti ihan huippu hyvin, ja hienoa että bloggailet taas ahkerammin. ;) Sinun tyylillä se kannattaa! Hanna T.

  4. Jee kiitos, varmaan jatkan tota kuvaa vielä vähäsen! Enemmän kukkia tai jotain. Ja bloggailu välillä hiljaisempaa, välillä ahkerampaa - päivien ja tilanteiden mukaan, en ota liikaa stressiä! Ihanaa viikkoa Hanna ja muut!