Package Design

Here's couple inspirational pictures of package design and then a couple of my recent favourites. I've been drinking Clipper's organic, Fair Traid teas now for a while and I have to admit that I got hooked mainly because of the packaging design. So cute! Yes, I'm vain (don't want ugly packages in my cupboards) but who isn't about some things. So yes, guilty as charged! Package design affects my bying decision and if I have to choose between two similar items, I usually buy the nicer looking even it'd be a bit more expensive. Especially when I'm choosing between a normal and organic/Fair Trade product.

The coffee package is designed by a Finnish-English illustrator Sanna Annukka - I just adore her prints for Marimekko and really want that box to decorate my kitchen shelf!

Pictures: thedieline.com, clipper-tea.com, paulig.ee


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  2. A-haaaa, siispä täytyykin käydä viikonlopun aikana hakemassa purkki (jos toinenkin)! Kiitos vinkistä! Oon just se, joka unohtaa/jättää viime tinkaan ja jään ilman mitään!