Helsinki Samba Carnaval 09

Yesterday after work I was suprised with the amount of people in the center. I had totally forgoten the Brazilian party that is part of Helsinki Week celebration. The city was packed with people watching the samba parade. We found a place in Esplanade park where we could see the parade passing by and eat at the same time. Later walked with the dog to a small island close to our home where we chilled for a moment and enjoyed the last glimpses of sun before a huge rain storm hit Helsinki. Remember: summer time in Finland you should ALWAYS carry both an umbrella and sunglasses with you - you never know how the weather will be!

Dress and bag, IVANAhelsinki. Bleizer, Mexx. Shoes, old. Necklace, Taika Joensuu. Scarf, stolen from my mom.
Dog, Onni <3

Onni wears a muzzle starp because he's so big and easier to control then, not because he'd bite. He's a big, gentle giant.


  1. Cool Samba photos.

  2. Thank you! They are taken by my husband, seen in the last pic.