I picked few points from the article "30 ways to detox your home and body" and added some of my own comments. Maybe you can also pick some and start from them, see how later on you've taken many other points into action by yourself!

1. Eat organic
2. Add more raw vegetables and juices to your diet
4. Sauna helps to sweat away the toxins - I'd also add cold water swimming here, it's great and does wonders to your metabolism!
5. Stretch daily - yoga, tai chi, whatever you enjoy!
6. Change the chemical cleaning products to natural ones - if I don't wanna eat chemicals, why would I wanna breath or absorb the chemicals through my skin
8. Start reading food labels - if the product has a list of 20 added, unnatural things, do you really want to have them inside you?
9. Same goes for cosmetic and personal care products - read the labels and avoid any synthetic chemicals! You don't wanna have those in your system either.
10. Add wheatgrass to your diet.
11. As well as chlorella or/and spirulina.
12. Excercise 45 minutes at least daily - it has a positive affect on your physical and menthal health!
13. Eat detoxifying foods daily - my favorites are blueberries, ginger and spinach
14. Exchange massages with a partner - a friend or your loved one, this is a great way to communicate with another one and find a different kind of connection, show your affection and love, wether it be romantic or not.
15. Give up smoking - I know, it's hard but you'll feel so much different when you do!
16. Be moderate with drinking - a glass of red wine every now and then is okay, isn't it?
18. Drink clean water - maybe get a water filter or try to get your hands on spring water cleaned by Mother Nature!
21. Stop microwaving your food - it's been so many years since I've used microwave that can't even think about using it now, even the idea of it makes me feel YICK!
26. Stop eating artificial colours.
27. If you'd know what they put in fragrances, you wouldn't wanna use them so I would suggest you to go organic with your self and stop using parfymes - more of this subject later...
28. Don't storage food in plastic containers - use glass bottles etc. to avoid BPA
30. Reduce meat in your diet - many think that I'm vegetarian but actually I do eat meat every now and then, maybe max couple times a month, but when I do, I buy organic. But mainly, I eat vegetarian food, just because it makes me feel better and it's d e l i c i o u s!

Pic by Kimball Andrew Schmidt.

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