I was in holiday for about two weeks and yesteday was the first day at work this year. I was freezing! It's the coldest winter for years in Finland and today I decided to come a bit more prepared so now I'm dressed in four different layers, on the top being a IVANAhelsinki knit cardigan and my mom's old leather vest. The shoes are traditional Finnish felt boots and are THE BEST for this kind of weather. Me and my brother always wore them when we were kids and when I talked with my mom about them, she remembered to own a pair. After hours of search I finally found them and won't give them back. The boots are now officially stolen - thanks mom!

UPDATE! I added the picture of the bird necklace later on. After all this is hanna's nest. And me loooves birds!

Tea to keep me warm. Clipper's has quite a wide selection of different organic tea's. You know what they say, one green tea cup a day keeps the doctor away!

Bought this bag from UFF, it was just what I'd been looking for.

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