Home Sweet Home

Our plan is to find a new and a bit bigger appartment after the trip to Bali. Meanwhile I'm dreaming about interiors... Here's some pieces of my dreams. Pictures are gathered through years and I haven't saved the source informations back then - sorry!


  1. pink smeg =) <3
    I ment that bigger dog=) Amstaffi...? other one was also lovely=)
    Hope you will finf your dream home;)
    Sori my really bad english=D hope you get the poin from my write=D

  2. Anonymous4/7/09

    aivan upeita juttuja, sun blogi on niin ihanan rauhoittava ja kaunis. :)

  3. M - you can also write comments in Finnish if you feel more comfortable with it..? :) But the more you use some other language the easier it gets! I didn't speak that good English before but then with foreigner friends and my husband I had to use it more and now I feel comfortable with it. It's not perfect but I'm being understood and that's enough for me! Amstaffi boy Onni and Bischon Frise Nelly are the dogs - my sweet hearts! And I'm sure will find the right home, just have to keep eyes and ears open :) Enjoy your day!

    Peppi - kiitos kommentistasi! Ihana kuulla, että blogini tuo hyvän mielen lukijoille! Se on päätarkoitukseni: jakaa ihania kuvia, ideoita ja hyvää fiilistä muillekin. Toivottavasti olet päässyt nauttimaan ihanista kesäpäivistä!